HRMates Mobile app is used to

  • Mark attendance
  • Group punch
  • Work punch
  • Approve leave and attendance regularization from Notifications

with geofence, geocoding, face capture and face matching.

Apply leave and open dashboard on mobile browser. To start using HRMates mobile app, first install app from play store or app store by searching “hrmates” and then connect the app to your HRMates login using Registration.


Registration using OTP

  • Login to your account in HRMates and Open My Attendance and click on Generate OTP Button.

  • Enter the Generated OTP in the HRMates Mobile App
  • Now you are ready to punch attendance as below

Click on Check In and Check Out buttons.

Register using HRMates Login

  • Enter URL you use to login to HRMates on web. Like demo.hrmates.com
  • Click on Login button and complete login as you do on web with email and password.
  • After successful login your app will be registered with your employee account in your company

Register again

Use menu option Register Again

Mobile Attendance

If Mobile Attendance Policy is not setup for your Organization Please contact HRMates Support for Policy setup on who can mark Attendance from Mobile.

If you are allowed to Mark Attendance using Mobile follow following steps

  • Download HRMates App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Open the App and you will need to register.

Using HRMates Mobile App

Self Check In and Out

Click on Check In / Check Out button

If your organization policy requires a photo capture, you will be asked to take a snap of yourself. Take without mask with face in center, like a passport photo.

If there is network issue, don’t worry, HRMates app will keep retrying every minute and upload the original punch.

Geo Fence

If your organization policy requires you to punch within a geo fence and you are out of geo fence, you will see a map to confirm if you want to go ahead and punch from out of geo fence.

The green circle shows the geo fence and the blue circle represents your current location.

Work Punch

If you are allowed to work punch you can do so while you are checked in.

Enter Remarks and click on Save Work Punch button

Group Punch

If you are allowed to Punch attendance for other employees, use Group Punch button.

Take in the landscape mode with clear faces. Maximum faces allowed is 15 in one snap.


In About menu you can see the employees for whom you can punch.

Troubleshooting Mobile App

Error Message Solution

Device is in developer mode


Emulator not Allowed

To turn off Developer Mode on an Android device, follow these steps:

Unlock your Android device.

Open the “Settings” app. You can usually find the Settings app in your app drawer or by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the gear icon in the top-right corner of the notification panel.

Scroll down and select “System” or “About phone” or “Additional settings” depending on your Android version.

Scroll down again and look for an option called “Developer options” or “Developer settings.” Tap on it.

In the Developer options menu, you will see a switch or toggle at the top of the screen. It may be labeled as “On” or “Off.” Toggle it to the “Off” position to disable Developer Mode.

You may be prompted to confirm your action. If so, confirm that you want to turn off Developer Mode.

Once you’ve turned off Developer Mode, you can exit the Settings app.

Please note that the exact steps and labels may vary slightly depending on the version of Android you are using and the customizations made by the device manufacturer (e.g., Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus). However, the general process should be similar on most Android devices.

If you do not see developer option in setting then enable developer mode by clicking 7 times About–> MIUI Version


Finding your  Location

Make sure Mobile network, Wi-fi and Location is enable and Aeroplan mode is off, Kill HRMates app and restart again

Enable GPS on your device

In Settings → Additional Settings → Device and Privacy → Location. High Accuracy Should be on

Alternate method to punch

Use Dashboard button to open dashboard and use Check in Button on right top

Punch address not correct

Address is obtained using following methods

  • GPS only when outdoors. This is most accurate
  • Wifi router or mobile tower. Depending on location of mobile tower this address may be few kilometers away.

Network not available

If network is not available HRMates will save the punch in mobile and keep retrying every 60 seconds till network becomes available. To try and upload attendance manually use the Refresh button.

Access Denied

Mobile Data usage for HRMates app is turned off. In app settings check Restrict data usage or similar settings.

Wrong address is coming after punch

HRMates uses coordinates and address provided by mobile device or browser. The devices tries to get best location using combination of GPS, Mobile tower and Wifi. GPS does not work indoors and from laptops and desktops.

In case coordinates are received from Mobile tower or wifi, coordinates and address may not be accurate depending on the network.

Solution: If you are using mobile device, if possible punch from a open area, If you are using wifi from fixed location like office with a fixed IP address, we can map the ip address of the office with coordinates in HRMates. Talk to HRMates support team if this is required.