Task management module to plan, assign, track, rate, monitor, expense, reimburse tasks for individuals or team of employees. The task may be ongoing or recurring. Task performer may support his work via mobile work punch, enter remarks and upload files, The task may involve reimbursement expense, travel supported by work punches.

Task performer gets a dashboard to view his current tasks, upcoming tasks. Managers create tasks, monitor, and receive soft and hard escalations for delayed tasks. For continuous evaluations  tasks should be ratable and linked to KRAs.

Work Punch: Punch by employee on mobile which captures time, geo location and optionally geo fencing, snap and face matching.

Work Punch tagging to task:

  • Single punches
  • Pairs with travel mode from which road distance is auto calculated

Workpunch time lining: All tagged punches generating distance cannot overlap to enforce single billing

Map Setup

If you want to see the route taken by employee while doing work punches you need to create a google maps account. Google provides free USD 200 per month credit. To setup maximum usage limit.

Goto https://mapsplatform.google.com, signin with your google account or create a new account, click on Credentials and follow the steps. you will need a credit card, Send the credentials to HRMates support via one to one whatsapp message.


Projects menu -> Task hub Management menu -> Copy Template button

Copy template from Demo 

In Template use following  Usage

Usage Description

Add it to field which will be identifier of the task, like date, description. When employee does a work punch he will see list of these to tag to work punch.

In the same List add a field of type Work Punch. this field will show the work punch which was tagged to task.