HRMates Surveys is a part of HRMS platform is a full fledged Survey functionality to get key insights from workforce. As with all HRMates modules it comes with customization and automation via UI and LogicBuilder.

HRMates surveys allows admins to create surveys with a list of questions, questions may have choice type or free test answers.


Survey Management permission to Survey Administrators


Create new Survey

Click on Add Survey Button and enter details of the survey.

  • By default Survey will be in Setup Stage.
  • Enter Start time as the time when Survey will start. Survey will start only when Status is Started. Enter End time when survey will close.
  • If no Unit and Employees are chosen Survey will be conducted on all current employees.
  • If Unit is selected, survey will be conducted on all employees of the selected unit.
  • Add Employees to the Employee list to conduct survey for selected employees.
  • Choose Repetition to repeat the survey automatically
  • Tick Anonymous to hide employee names from Survey Results
  • In Description enter description of the survey.
  • To make employee fill survey on Login tick Fill Survey after Login

Edit Survey Questions

  • Add Question using Add Button.
  • Enter Question text and Add Choices. If question has a image upload the image
  • If choice needs a explanation check Explanation
  • If choice has a image upload the image
  • Correct Answer is optional for Surveys
  • If multi choice is allowed tick Muti Choice

Starting the Survey

  • Open the survey and change status to started. Survey will start after Start Time and Close at End Time.
  • All Employees in survey will get notified by email with a link to complete the survey.

View Survey Results

  • Use Download Report button in Survey Management to download results of survey in Excel Format