HRMates uses process builder for form based workflows. Process builder allows forms with rich data fields and grids to be initiated, collaboratively processed by members of organization.

Process consists of a Template, Templates instantiated for Target Individual with a Target Date

Some examples

  • Evaluation: Candidate, Probation, Appraisal, PIP, Succession Planning
  • Purchase Process
  • Exit Process

Process Setup


  • Template Type: PMS, Probation, Improvement Plan, Hiring, Trainee, Promotion, Generic Process, Training Effectiveness, Separation, Disciplinary Action, Kaizen
  • Activity Master: List of activities to be performed in the process
  • Form to enter information
  • Flowchart of Actions and Conditions
  • Process Managers


  • Name
  • Role: Self, L1, L2, L3.., Heads, HR and more
  • Notification
    • Email Template
    • List of activities to notify



  • Area Master
  • Minimum and Maximum rows
    Setup from Modify Area. Modify Component selected for area and set Minimum and Maximum Rows


  • Field Name
  • Field Type: Number, Text, Pickone, Checkbox, Date, Online Test, Written Test, Grid, File, Person, Unit, Button
  • Validations: Minimum and Maximums, Total for subgrid in Area row, Totals for the Area, Totals for all Areas
  • Calculations: Calculation formula using values in same row and sums of columns of other areas. Writing Calculators
  • List of Activities with viewing or edit rights to field


  • Activity
  • By
  • Compliance Dates


  • Condition Type
    • Initiator Department: True if department of Target Individual on Target Date is in the given list
    • Form Amount: True if Form Field has a value less or greater
    • Initiator Location: True if location of Target Individual on Target Date is in selected locations
    • Condition: Evaluation if Condition Calculator
  • List of Approvals if Condition is true
  • Approvals in Parallel or Sequential

Process Initiation

Based on template type the process is initiated

Type Initiation Target Individual Target Date
Generic Approval Process People who have permission to initiate can initiate from Approval Process → Template Name menu item Initaitor Date of Initiation
PMS, Probation, Appraisal, Improvement Plan, Trainee, Succession Planning, Promotion Process manager will add employees to template from Evaluation → Template Type Name → Template → Add Employees button Added Employee First Date of period of evaluation
Candidate Evaluation Mapped to vacancy on creation. When Application received against vacancy the vacancy template is mapped to candidate Candidate Date of Application
Separation On Resignation Request Submission Resigning Employee Date of submission
Disciplinary Action by HR from Workforce → Disciplinary Action Selected Employee Date of creation
Kaizen Automatically after Suggestion Implementation Approval, Manually from Business Excellence → Kaizen First Implementation Head Date of creation

On Initiation Flowchart from template is evaluated from top as below

Row Type Evaluation
Approval If By is blank Convert Role from activity to By



Evaluation the condition

Evaluation Result Action
Indeterminate: Condition cannot be evaluated as some fields of form can still be edited by approvers Retain the condition and all child boxes and move to next box at same level
True Move to below box
False Move to right box


Final Result is List of Approvers, ready for execution having

By Approving Person
Sequence number if non blank then all approvers with same group number will get notification in parallel
Escalation Time If Approve Reject Revert action not taken in this time then Escalates to next level
Compliance Date From if not blank then approval will wait till this day
Compliance Date To for information to approver
Approve After Wait till the source approval is approved
Condition If Condition result was Indeterminate

Process Execution

Notification is generated for top Approvers having On as blank and having same Sequence Number. Approver can

Approve On is set to current time and execution repeated Optional Approval Remarks
Reject On is set to current time, Process marked as Rejected and execution stopped Required Reject Remarks
Revert On is set to current time, Required Revert Reason and Approval to revert to
Custom Action Based on Implementation. For example, Forward to CEO

Process Management

Change Compliance Dates

Process Management menu → Pending link → Select Processes → Approval Control button → Download → Edit sheet → Upload

Activity Master

Name of Activity Role

List of predefined relationships to target individual

  • L1, L2, L3…
  • HR
  • HOD
  • Location Head

Area Master

  • Area Name
  • Type: Grid or Form view


Approval Process Simple Example

Approval Process Detailed Example

Process Component



Activity Master