HRMates provides comprehensive functionality to maintain, view and utilize organization information.

  • Hierarchical Organization Structure
  • Custom Organization Structure to map employees for custom purpose
  • Reporting Hierarchies
  • Grade, Location and Designation
  • Headcount budgeting by Positions based on Organization Structure, Grade, Location and Designation 
  • Live Analytics covering all modules for any date or sub group
  • Live Trend Analytics for any date range

Positions Management

Setup Position Control from Organization Settings Position Control grid

To Create Positions goto Hiring Position Management grid

To view Positions, Current, Resigned, Vacancies, Gap use goto

  • Organization Orgstructure Chart
  • Organization Locations Chart
  • Organization Grade Chart
  • Organization Designation Chart


Orgstructure Chart with Headcount Budgeting

Location Chart

Designation Chart

Reporting Hierarchy

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Trend Analytics

Organization Settings