HRMates exit process has following features. All these are optional and form contents and approval process can be customized as per requirements.

    • Resignation Request
    • Involuntary Separation Activation
    • No Dues form
    • Employee Feedback form
    • Handover form
    • Employee Exit from HRMates
    • Full and Final Salary

Separation Types

Separation Type Initiation Exit Forms Comments
Resignation If resignation process is not implemented then manual else Employee will make resignation request from Self Service menu My Profile, Employment tab and after approval employee status will change to resigned 
  • Resignation Request
  • No Dues
  • Feedback
  • Handover
  • Responsibility
If resignation done manually then Exit form will not be opened
Retirement If retirement age not set then manual, else 1 month before Retirement date the Retiring Form will open automatically by adding Retiring Row
  • No Dues
  • Feedback optional
  • Handover
  • Responsibility
If retirement done manually then Exit form will not be opened
Bereavement Manual
  • No Dues
  • Responsibility
Absconding Manual
  • No Dues
  • Responsibility
HR gets notification and Email when employee did not punch for absconding days. Absconding days is defined in Workforce Settings
Termination Manual
  • No Dues
  • Responsibility

Manual = Add Status Row in employee status grid in Employment

Exit Forms can be triggered after Separating Status is set or delayed using template setup

Resignation Request

Setup from Exit menu → Employee Exit menu Reasons for Leaving grid, Primary Reasons for Leaving grid


  • Resignation Date, Last working date, Reasons for leaving
  • Shortfall calculation as per notice period
  • Primary reason of Leaving, Reasons of Leaving
  • Setup can allow submission by Resigning employee or HR on behalf of employee

Approval Process

  • Approvers can change: Date of Leaving, Primary Reason of Leaving by HR
  • Actions: Approve, Reject, Try to Retain

    No Dues

    • Department wise Clearance for Particular, Status, Recovery Amount, Remarks
    • Setup and Approvers from Exit menu Separation menu. 
    • Assets assigned from HRMates generate No Dues from Asset Manager

    Exit Feedback

    • Setup from Exit menu Separation menu
    • Completed by Resigned employee and/or HR

    Handover form

    • Setup from Exit menu Separation menu
    • Based on Policy Handover form can be setup which has line items of handover items and whom the handover has been done. 
    • This form can be setup to have an approval process involving employee, HR, L1 Manager and recipients of handover.

    Employee Exit from HRMates

    • Make Employee as Ex-Employee using Make Ex Employee button in Employee Administration or Ex-Employee status in Employment tab → Employee Status grid. 
    • If employee has pending responsibilities in HRMates like leave approval etc use Responsibility Management to clear the responsibility
    • Responsibility removal should be completed before employee can be made Ex-Employee
    • Employees can be marked separated without Exit forms process being completed. Using option in “Ignore Exit Forms Completion” in Employee Status modification
    • Separated Employees will not be able to access to HRMates
    • Salary Generated for month of separation will be Full and Final, Full and Final Salary can be generated only if all Exit Forms are completed


    HR will get a Notification for all employees on Resignation and Termination status. Notification will be removed when employee is made ex-employee

    Responsibility Management

    Following responsibilities are assigned to employee in HRMates

    Responsibility Action By
    In Regularization Go To employee attendance and regularizine the attendance 
    Leave Approval Go To Dashboard ⇒ Check Leave Notification ⇒ approve or reject all pending leaves HR of the Employee
    Travel Approval Go To Employee Dashboard ⇒ Open Travel request notification ⇒ Approve or reject Travel request number Travel Manager
    Salary Approval Go to Employee Dashboard ⇒ Select Salary Notification Approve or unapprove Salary  Salary Manager 
    Tax Approval Switch user to Employee  ⇒ Go to Dashboard Tax approve notification ⇒ approve or Revert
    Loan Approval Go To Employee Dashboard ⇒ Check Loan approval Notification ⇒ Reject or approve loan request 
    Loan Application Workforce ⇒ Administration ⇒ Responsibility -Transfer Responsibility type ⇒ Loan approval 
    Customize Roles

    Delete from 

    Workforce ⇒ Employment ⇒ Customize Roles 

    Reporting To

    To change one by one for each reportee

    Workforce ⇒ Administration ⇒ Profile => Employment ⇒ Reporting

    To change in bulk 

    • Upload New Manager for reportees
    • From Responsibility page
    HR of the Employee
    Assets issued

    The Assets must be returned.

    Admin ⇒ Assets management ⇒ Select employee ⇒ Return selected assets issued to him

    Assets Manager

    (Permission-> Assets)

    Self Evaluation Open Evaluation ⇒ Search employee in search tab and select the employee ⇒ Select Suspend Admin/HR?
    Evaluation Approval Change approvers from Evaluation Management Admin/HR?
    Any permission Assigned

    Go to Permission  ⇒ Remove permission from provided module 

    Remove all access for the Employee from the Permission Page

    Permission Manager
    HR Coordinator Admin ⇒ Permission ⇒ HR Coordinator Permission Manager
    Unit Head

    Change Unit Head from 

    Settings ⇒ Org Structure

    Having Permission 
    Location Head Setting ⇒ Employment ⇒ Add or Remove Location Head   Admin
    Customization Employee Workforce ⇒ Employment ⇒ Customization employee Admin
    ELibrary Go to Employee Dashboard  ⇒ Open E-library notification  ⇒ Approve or reject
    • By Manually 

    Go To Dashboard ⇒ KM Notification ⇒ Approve or non Approve

    • In Bulk 

    Go To Setting ⇒ knowledge⇒Transfer Approvals 

    MP Sheet
    CAPA Admin ⇒ permission ⇒ Setting ⇒ CAPA Setting 
    Project Manager Admin ⇒ Project Management ⇒ Select Project Name ⇒ Modify ⇒ Add new project Manager  
    Project Task Switch user to Employee ⇒ Select My Timesheet ⇒ Select date before the  day you want to make Exemployee and click on close and save the page

    Go to Suggestion  Management 

    • Transfer employee
    • Transfer Unit 
    Exit Process

    Employee will request for for resignation, It will get approve, After approval Once the  nodues form, Feedback form, Handover form will be open in parallel to be completed as per the system 

    Nodues Form Approved by as per the Nodues approval as per the system 
    Feedback Form To be completed by employee
    Handover Form  To be completed by employee


    In certain cases like an employee leaving the organization or restructuring, responsibilities need to be assigned to another employee.

    • Find Transfer From Employee using Employee Administrator.
    • Select the employee and click on the Transfer Responsibility button.
    • This popup allows to transfer or remove following responsibilities
      • Reporting To

    This will transfer all selected subordinates to Transfer To Employee from the selected date (Effective From). This action will also transfer all leave pending for approval by Transfer From Employee.

      • HR Coordinator

    This action will transfer all leave pending for HR approval and HR Coordinator by Transfer From Employee.

      • Remove All Permissions

    This action will remove all permissions assigned to Transfer From Employee.


    • This action can not be undone. So it should be done carefully.
    • This action will be performed in all the companies in the organization.
    • If Transfer To Employee does not exist in the company of subordinates then create Transfer To Employee as external manager.
    • Any remaining responsibility will have to be transferred manually.
    • An entry is added to audit for these actions.

    Full and Final Salary


      • To Rejoin a Employee Add new status with Date from as new joining date  in Workforce menu Administration menu Employee search and select Profile button Employment tab Status grid
      • If Staff Id is changed on Rejoining add old Staff Id in Employment tab Old Staff Id  grid with Date Range as old Joining date and 1 day before new Joining Date.



      • From Exit menu Separating view and manage the process of Separation
      • Manage pre ex-employee processes such as No Dues, Feedback form, Handover Form


      • Workforce  menu →  Exit  menu  Separated menu , view and manage post ex-employee processes such as Full & Final settlement


      • Organization Analytics Workforce Attrition Analytics


      • Employee Report

      Separation and Budgeting

      Separating and Separated Employees will be removed from budgeted headcount. So new vacancy can be created against them


      Resignation Request

      Exit Feedback form

      No Dues Form

      Handover Form


      Trend Analytics