In HRMates performance management is built from scratch using Form and Process builders. This allows complete flexibility is mapping organization requirement against the implementation. Once setup HR has complete control and tools for Goals definition and running the process.


Evaluation Template

Common Form and Process for a set of employees. For example you can have templates for officers and associates


  • Evaluation Form
  • Approval Process
  • Guidelines
  • Activity Master
  • Area Master
Evaluation Period Normally a year, Within the period there are cycles like, Goal Settings, Reviews, Final Ratings, Talent Review, Finalization with increment and promotion letters
Evaluation Form Instance of Evaluation template mapped to a employee. Once Evaluation form is generated template is copied and can be edited independently of template

Evaluation Form is divided in to areas to capture different aspects of appraisal. For example Behavioural, Functional, Overall. Areas are of 2 types

  • Grid which allows any number of columns and rows and sub grids
    • Form which allows set of fields
Goals / KRA / KPIS Template Form is designed to capture goals with required level of sub goals
Activity Master

Defines actions on forms, For example Goal Setting Self, Manager Rating


  • Name
  • Role: Employee relationships, like L2, L2, HOD, CEO, HR and more

Area has list of components, For Grid type components are columns and for Form type components are fields


  • Name
  • Type: Text, Text area, Number, Pick one, Checkbox, Date, File upload, Question Paper
  • Calculator: if defined excel type calculator to calculate value of field using formula and data of appraisal form and employee
  • Activity: Which activity can view the component and which activity can edit the component

List of actions on the form


  • Activity
  • By: Employee who will submit or approve the apprisal. If blank By is generated from Role in Activity
  • Compliance Date From, Compliance Date To
    • Parallel or Sequential
  • On: Date and time when approval was completed
  • Revert: If revert allowed then to which previous approvals
  • Email template and who to notify when this approval is active
Notification Dashboard and Email notification is generated for the top approver whose On is blank in Approvals list. If parallel approvals then top list of pending approvers
Evaluation Management Dashboard for HR to add, remove, suspend, update aprovers, compliance dates, setup predefined goals, competencies for appraisals
  • Goal Settings
  • Reviews
  • Overall Rating
  • Management Review: Final Ratings, Promotions, Improvement Plan
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis
  • Generate Appraisal Letters
  • Distribute Letters
Cost and Benefit Analysis

What if analysis to decide increments based on Final Rating

  • Map Rating, Salary Master Components, Percentage or fixed amounts
  • Download Excel Report,  with data for each employee, Generate Charts, Final Rating, past salary, new salary and difference or
  • View Charts in HRMates
  • Repeat above till increments are within budget
    • Upload Final Salary Master
Issue Letters Generate Increment, Promotion Letters, Improvement Plans and distribute manually and via HRMates
Appraisal Acceptance Employees submit online or signed upload acceptance after login


Generally the Form and Process is setup and supported by support team.  For reference visit Form Builder  Process Builder

Starting Appraisal Process

  • Start new appraisal year
  • Add Employees to templates
    • Copy Goals from template
    • Copy Goals from another employee
    • Copy Goals from last year of Goals of same employee
  • Update or upload goals if needed
  • Update or upload approvals if needed
  • Activate the Evaluation form
  • Notifications will come to approvers dashboard and process will continue automatically including reminder emails
  • Review and Final Approvals will get kicked off at the desired time

Manage Approval Process 

  • HR will use Evaluation  ⮕ Performance to monitor the Appraisal process
  • Approval process will be stopped for separating employees
  • Separation process will request change of approver if approver is separating
  • Change dates and approvers based on availability
  • Reports available to download all or part of appaisal forms

Evaluation Purpose

  • Performance evaluation – Be it annual, quarterly or any other frequency
  • Succession and Career development planning – Create succession and career development plans and evaluations for employees.
  • Probation evaluation – For employee evaluation during probation period
  • Trainee evaluation – For evaluation during training period
  • Improvement Plan evaluation – For Improvement plans for employee development or for underperforming employees.
  • Hiring Evaluation – Used for setting up criteria and parameters to evaluate applicants for jobs.


  • Employee
  • Managers
  • Heads, CEO etc
  • Peers
  • Reportees
  • Vendors
  • Customers

The Evaluation system provides for setting goals – KRA’s and KPI’s and measurements against these thus creating a transparent communication between the manager and subordinates. The goals can be quantitative or qualitative and the data for measurements against the goals can be auto populated from the data generation systems, can be manually entered or even uploaded as an integration with external systems. Each of these parameters is flexible and can be configured based on the ecosystem, policy and procedures of the organization within the broad framework of best practices. HRMates LogicBox™ provides the configurability to build customer specific calculations and UI specific to your needs.

Further more fine-grained evaluation can be done with Task Planner, task in task planner is linked to a KPI, tasks get approved and marked with achievement by managers. Aggregate achievement is populated into the evaluation form.

Evaluation Process

People Evaluation is conducted with following steps:

Develop Evaluation form

The system allows for different evaluation forms to be setup for different employee groups.

Areas definitions

This contains Areas of performance i.e the goals that are primary requirement of the job and if needed secondary areas such as behavioral etc. it also contains other elements of evaluation such as parameters of potential or 360 or similar feedback. For cascading goals, targets can be distributed from top down, and tracked using Task Planners.

Set guidelines for evaluation

Guidelines for the evaluation process – notes for the appraisee and appraiser, definitions of performance levels and the interpretation of each, the performance process or timelines can all be communicated through the guidelines which are documented in the forms.

Form editing

At each activity stage, the form edits can be controlled – whether to allow add, update or view only by the activity owner. Field level edits are controlled by the process components. Form level edits, to add/delete rows

Setup Goals for Employees

HRMates provides convenient tools to setup goals for evaluation

  • Copy from template
  • Copy from last year of employee
    • All
    • Particular Activity
  • Copy from one area to another area of same employee
  • Copy from Area in Template to all employees under that template
  • Copy from another employee
  • Manually edit by admin via Evaluation Management
  • Manually edit by Employee via Notification
  • Manually edit by Managers via Notification

Goals Approval Process

Manage Evaluation Cycle

Collaborative workflow for stakeholders to evaluate the employee with the desired frequency. Stakeholders can collaborate sequentially, parallel or as a team to complete ratings and other parameters.

Evaluation cycle is defined in the Approvals grid in evaluation form. Current approver is the first row with column On blank.

Evaluation can be under following state

  • Active
    • If not paused and suspended
  • Paused
    • If paused from Evaluation Management Pause Control. Shown as light grey in Evaluation Management
    • Paused evaluations can be un-paused using Evaluation Management Pause Control
  • Suspended
    • If suspended from Evaluation Management Suspend. Shown as red in Evaluation Management
    • Suspended Evaluation can be resumed using  Evaluation Management Suspend

Manage Approvers

  • Setup approvers in template. When Evaluation is started against the template approvers from template will be copied to the evaluation.
  • Use Add, Modify and Delete in Approvals grid in Evaluation form.
  • From Approval Control in Evaluation Management you can download a template and then upload the approvers in bulk for all evaluations under that template.

Notification & Reminder

    • If evaluation is suspended no notification is generated
    • First approver with blank On column will receive the notification under following conditions
      • If Notification before Compliance Date from is checked in Settings Evaluation Activity else Compliance Date from not blank and less than or equal to todays date
    • If Evaluation is paused, notification will still be generated on the dashboard but will not be active, reminder email is not sent.
  • Compliance Date To will be mentioned in email reminder as expected date of approval.
  • Auto daily email reminders to current approver will be sent
  • Notification to approved stages on approval using Notifier in template

Generating Letter for Evaluation


this involves setting up letter template and map  one  or more letter to evaluation form

Examples of letters are increment, Promotion, PIP, etc letters

For mapping letter to evaluation you can add controls like Pick one letter type to evaluation template

In logic box use function — to map evaluation letter to specific employee

To create letter template

Setting Employment Email Template

My Evaluation

Using My Evaluation Employee can see following in read only mode

  • Own Evaluation
  • Evaluation Done

Setup :

Employees will only see those fields in the Evaluation form which are marked Show in My Evaluation and all the editable activities in those fields are approved. The data in the fields not yet approved will appear blank.

Overall Computations and Reporting

Calculators to compute overall ratings as per form design. Final Rating as per policy.

Reports for management decision making

  • Talent Review Forms
  • Ratings report for bell curve fitting and other analysis
  • 9 box matrix, radio chart
  • And more

Evaluation Closure

  • Confirmations, Promotions, Increments, Exits or Performance improvement plan
  • Letters Generation
  • Acceptance Process
  • Feedback