Build great teams with collaborative and objective hiring. Build custom hiring evaluations, engage recruiters, employees, candidates and evaluators. Finely crafted ATS solution to map exact requirements using Settings and LogicBox customization. 


Resume Database

  • Receive applications against vacancy
    • Website
    • Employee Referrals
    • Consultants
    • Job Portals
    • Job Fairs
    • Campus
    • And more
  • Upload resumes with parsing
  • Shortlist resume’s for business approval

Applicant Tracking

  • Shortlisting by business for evaluation
    • Shortlisting of candidates for evaluation by recruiting team
  • Evaluation Process
    • Criteria based
    • Setup multiple rounds
    • Panel
    • Scoring
    • Interview scheduling as group or individual
    • Candidate feedback
  • Selection
    • Documentation completion by candidate
      • Identity documents
      • Address proofs
      • Salary proofs
      • References
    • Salary negotiation and approval
    • Offer Letter Generation
    • Offer Letter Acceptance, Rejection, Changed Offer
    • Reference Check
    • Pre-onboarding

Joining Process



  • Recruiters
  • Vacancy Requestors
  • Candidates
  • Admin



Vacancy Management

Headcount Budgeting

HRMates People Evaluation Process

Job Descriptions

Applicant Tracking


  • Documentation completion requirements
    • Identity
    • Address Proof
    • Referee details for Reference Checks 
    • Salary Documents
    • Family details
    • Any others e.g. Covid vaccination certificate
  • At which stage Reference checks should be started and completed

Receiving applications

Against a vacancy candidate applications will be received either from website, or external agencies, employee referrals or manually entered from email applications etc by the recruiter.

To manually add applications

  1. Go to Applicant Tracking →  Click on Received tab
  2. Select a Vacancy that was created
  3. Click on Add Application
  4. A popup will appear to enter candidate details

Recruiter Shortlisting

The candidate will be added to the received section. From the received section, the recruiter can review the application, pre-screen candidates and short-list suitable candidates for Business Shortlisting, Hold or Eliminate the candidate.

Business Shortlisting

Candidates moved to business shortlisting by Recruiter, are visible to vacancy requestor. Requester will open the Applicant Tracking can then review each application and decide which candidates to take forward for evaluation by moving them to Shortlisted Candidates for Evaluation. You can setup multiple Received stages for multilevel shortlisting. For example by Recruiter, then Business etc

Candidate Evaluation

The selected candidates will then show in the Evaluation Tab. They will initially be in suspended state (marked in yellow). The recruiter can then validate the actual evaluation process flow for the candidate, selecting the interviewers and setting up a schedule. Once completed, they can then resume the evaluation process for the candidate and the evaluation process will start. The first interviewer will see the Hiring Evaluation task in their notifications, informing them of the upcoming candidate.

The recruiter can set up interview schedules of an individual interviewer or a panel of interviewers for a date & time. An email invite will be sent to both the interviewers and the candidate. As the evaluation progresses in the different rounds, the recruiter will set up subsequent interview schedules and track the progress till its completed. Each interview can be setup as an open (i.e. 1 on 1) or panel (many panelists together)

Interviewers will provide rating of the candidate based on evaluation template. The candidate will show as a Hiring notification in the interviewers Dashboard, they can open the evaluation form from the link and enter their feedback

The interviewer can then do either of two actions

  • If satisfied with the candidate,  they can click on Approve to select the candidate & move to the next stage
  • If not satisfied they can click on Back to Recruiter and give a reason
    • Reject – Move to Eliminated
    • Hold – Move to Hold
    • Others – if additional information is needed or need to do another meeting – provide suitable remarks for action by recruiter

If the form is sent back to recruiter, depending on the reason the recruiter can move the candidate to eliminated or Hold. If the candidate is not to be eliminated, the recruiter can send the candidate back to the interviewer to complete the evaluation once the hold reason is cleared

After Interviewers provide rating and the Round is Complete, a Feedback email can be sent to Candidate with a link to provide feedback for the round. All the evaluation rounds

A salary negotiation round, its approval rounds with HR Head and/or senior management can also be setup after all the evaluation rounds. The system publish appropriate notifications for each stage till all stages are completed and the candidate evaluation is marked accordingly as “Completed” 

The recruiter can then discuss with business and management, which of the candidates to make an offer to and will start the onboarding process for that candidate. Other selected candidates can be moved to Hold or Eliminated


The recruiter will move the candidate to “Selected Candidates: Send Documents Collection Email”  stage prior to making an offer. The candidate is sent an email for collecting documents and other details. The application goes thru various stages These are

  1. Selected Candidates: Send Documents Collection Email – recruiter selects the candidate and clicks on Email Candidate for links to upload documents such as PAN Card, Adhaar, Address, Marital Status, Father’s name etc. and give references. Candidate automatically moves to next stage
  2. Selected Candidates: Documents Collection pending – The candidate gets an email with the link to provide details as above. Once the candidate completes upload of documents and Submits them, the candidate to the next stage
  3. Selected Candidates Offer letter generation : recruiter can generate an offer letter based on pre configured templates and email again to candidate with the offer letter. The applicant moves to next stage
  4. Selected Candidate Offer letter acceptance pending – candidate has to accept the offer. On acceptance the candidate details move to next stage
  5. Selected Candidates Joining pending – once offer is accepted
  6. Selected Candidate – Offer rejected – In case candidate rejects the offer. The recruiter can then either move the candidate to Eliminated, Hold or back to Offer Letter Issue Pending, generate another offer letter and resend the offer email

The screenshot below shows candidates in various stages of onboarding



Budget Report

Candidate Report

Open Vacancies Report


Recruiter Performance by Time to Hire, Number of Hires