Custom URL / Domain to access HRMates

By default Account for Organization is setup up as <Company Name> You can use your own sub domain contact HRMates support to register the domain url  and setup DNS as below 

For example to use setup DNS for as below

DNS record Type Name Value

Email Domain

By default all emails sent from HRMates use from Email [email protected].

Let us know if you want no-reply@<Company Domain> for instructions

Send SMTP credentials FromEmail = “”, Host = “”, UserName = “” Password = “”, Port = 587 

Login Methods

Notification Method if Official Email not available

  • Personal Email
  • Notification to HRMates Mobile App
  • SMS

Setup for Attendance capture

  • HRMates Compatible Plug and Play biometric devices (we have built in integration with devices of ZKTeco, ESSL & Biomax)
    • Point the device to HRMates Server IP as per the table below
Device Make

Server IP

In Network Settings of device

HRMates Setup
ZKTeco IP Address: Port: 4770

Attendance menu →  Biometric Devices menu

Select Device Type as ZKTeco

ESSL Port: 80

Attendance menu →  Biometric Devices menu

Select Device Type as ESSL

In Biometric server SQL database copy duplicate last row in table [etimetracklite1].[dbo].[Devices] with new Names, Serial Number, TransactionStamp=0

Biomax Port: 4770  
  • Other biometrics devices can also be configured on case to case basis
  • Provide credentials of Database where attendance data is stored (URL, Username, Password)
  • Default Policy for Mobile Attendance
    • Geofence if any + geofence radius
    • Photo Capture + Photo matching
    • Group Attendance Capture policy
    • Default policy can be overridden at individual level like
      • Attendance not monitored
      • No Penalty

HRMates On premise

  • Clients has IT resources to manage the server 
  • Minimum employee count should be 1000
  • Some services may required Aws services which will need to be subscribe directly by the client for example face matching, Resume parsing and cloud data storage
  • Email & sms gateway will be provided directly by the client

SMS Gateway details if SMS Needed from HRMates

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