Employee Administration

    • Open Workforce menu Administration menu
    • To list employees enter staff id, part of name, email, location in search field (max 200 will be listed)
    • To filter employees click on filter button, click on button (all will be listed)
    • To select multiple employees, click on double check in select column

Edit profile manually

    • Open Workforce Administration
    • Search Employee and click Profile button
    • Edit Employee Profile or Employment

Change Employee Profile from Upload

    • Open Workforce Administration
    • Click on Upload Employee Data button
    • Select the type of data to upload and download the template.
    • Complete the template
    • Upload the Excel Template

Change password

    • Open Workforce menu Administration menu → Search Employee -> Profile button
    • Click on Personal tab and click Change Password button
    • Enter new password and check User must change password as needed
    • Click on Save to reset password

Download Photos

    • Open Workforce menu Administration menu → Search Employee
    • Select employees and click on Photos button



Policy is setup using Workforce Policy menu item.  For details see document management system. 


Workforce Employment Locations grid

  • Time Zone
  • Coordinates
    Coordinates are used for Geo fencing
    To get Coordinated open google map on mobile using Mobile data at the location and get coordinates of current Location

Notice Period

Default Notice Period

Workforce Employment Locations

Notice Period in Probation, Notice Period

New Employee

Based on the status of Employee Notice Period will be populated from Master and can be changed.

Existing Employee

Workforce Administration Profile Notice Period

This can be done when employee  get confirmed or any other requirement to change notice period 

Usage of notice period

Resignation Request Shortfall Calculation and last working Day.

Last working day is populated notice period in Employment/Notice Period in Probation, Notice Period in setting depending upon status

Shortfall days is used in Full and Final

Probation Period

Set Date To in Workforce Employment Status grid

Probation ending notification is generated 1 month before end of Probation. By default the notification goes to HR of Employee but can be overridden by GetProbationCompletionEmployee function in customization. For example to Reporting Manager

Category Ending Notification

Set Date To Workforce Employment Category grid

Category Ending Notification is generated 1 month before end of Category like Contract, Trainee, Consultant etc.