Add New Employee Manually

    • Open Workforce Administration
    • Click on New Employee button
    • Fill in details of Employee
    • If you do not find
        • Designation
          Add Designation from Workforce Employment Designation Grid
        • Location
          Add Location from Workforce Employment Location Grid
        • Unit
          Add unit from Organization Settings Organization Structure
    • Click Save

Add New Employee from Hiring Process

    • Open Workforce Administration
    • You will see list of candidates at joining stage.
    • Select the candidates who is joining and click Join button. New Employee popup will show pre filled details of employee, make any required changes and Save

Add New Employees from Upload

    • Open Workforce Administration
    • Click on Download Template button
    • Complete data in the downloaded Excel Template
    • Open Workforce Administration
    • Click on Upload New Employee Data button
    • Upload the Excel Template
    • To upload employee photos, use
    • Workforce Administration Upload Photos

Enable Employees

    • By Default new employees added are disabled and profile editing by employee is disabled. disabled employees are shown in grey color in Workforce Administration.
    • Disabled employees cannot login.
    • If New Employee approval workflow is setup, Employee will be enabled automatically after all approvals are completed.
    • If no workflow is setup Admin will Search and Select Employees from Workforce Administration and click on Enable Employees button.

Allow Profile Editing by Employee

    • Search and Select Employees from Workforce Administration
    • Click on Profile Editing button and open or close parts of Profile employee can edit

Tracking Editable Profiles and Disabled Employees

    • Click on : button in Workforce Administration, click on count and you will see list of employees in Admin page


Rejoining of Employee

  • Add new status of Employee like Probation, Current etc along with starting date in Employee Status grid, Based on setup staffid may be
    • Automatically Updated
    • Entered Manually