Training Need Identification

    • Employee Request
    • TNI Survey
    • Use Training Effectiveness Report

Training Effectiveness form

    • Setup Training Effectiveness Form as per Requirement and Number of days after training completion to open the Effectiveness form.

Training Calendar

    • Training Calendar Plan based on TNI
      • Trainer
      • Training Dates
      • Training Place and Mode
      • File upload for training
      • Feedback form for Trainer and Trainee
      • Participants

Publish Training Calendar

    • Notification/Email to Participants and Trainer as a Calendar invite

Training Calendar Management

    • Any changes like participant, date change, status, etc. is communicated via email notification
    • On training completion participants are moved to attended and feedback notification is opened if setup in training calendar.
    • Manual probation to upload feedback collected manually
    • Training effectiveness form open to manger after define date


    • Training having certificate generated from letter module and added to employee employment profile and employee can download certificate from there.

TNI Sheet

Training Calender