HRMates Helpdesk allows users to raise tickets and managers to respond to tickets. As per policy unresolved tickets within the escalation period get auto escalated to the next level.

  • Employees create Helpdesk tickets based on Category and Sub-Category
  • Helpdesk Managers assigned to the Category respond to the ticket from dashboard and email notifications
  • A discussion group is automatically created for every help desk ticket on which managers and requestors can discuss and close the ticket
  • Tickets get auto escalated as per the policy with escalation time defined in hours or workdays


Open Helpdesk from Settings

Add Category, Sub Categories, Managers for Level 1 and Level 2

Using Helpdesk

Create a Helpdesk Ticket

Open your dashboard and Click on + Button in My Requests section of Dashboard, Choose Category, Sub Category, Subject and Level

Send Message to Helpdesk Manager

Open Helpdesk ticket using the ^ button and enter message in chat box


Escalate Helpdesk Ticket

Open Helpdesk ticket using the ^ button and Select the Level.

Close Helpdesk Ticket

Open Helpdesk ticket using the ^ button and check Close on and Save.

Manager Action on Ticket

Open the Helpdesk ticket using ^ button in and Enter In Action the action Taken.