Task management module to plan, assign, track, rate, monitor, expense, reimburse tasks for individuals or team of employees. The task may be ongoing or recurring. Task performer may support his work via mobile work punch, enter remarks and upload files, The task may involve reimbursement expense, travel supported by work punches.

Task performer gets a dashboard to view his current tasks, upcoming tasks. Managers create tasks, monitor, and receive soft and hard escalations for delayed tasks. For continuous evaluations  tasks should be ratable and linked to KRAs.

Work Punch: Punch by employee on mobile which captures time, geo location and optionally geo fencing, snap and face matching.

Work Punch tagging to task:

  • Single punches
  • Pairs with travel mode from which road distance is auto calculated

Workpunch time lining: All tagged punches generating distance cannot overlap to enforce single billing

Map Setup

If you want to see the route taken by employee while doing work punches you need to create a google maps account. Google provides free USD 200 per month credit. To setup maximum usage limit.

Goto https://mapsplatform.google.com, signin with your google account or create a new account, click on Credentials and follow the steps. you will need a credit card, Send the credentials to HRMates support via one to one whatsapp message.

Structure of a Project

Project Details

  • Name
  • Code
  • Client
  • Total Budgeted Hours
  • Archived
  • Documents
  • Project Manager
  • Milestones
    • Budgeted Hours bifurcated by Task Category
    • Archive Milestone
  • Tasks (tagged by Task Category)
    • Title
    • Start Date
    • Recurrence Type, Recurrence

Repeating period within which task can be dismissed for rest of period

    • Task Allocated Hours
    • Extra Allocated Hours
    • Total Task Allocated Hours for each Task Category will be less than Budgeted Hours for Task Category
    • Audit and QC are special task category which get opened when all other tasks are closed
    • Sub Tasks: Guide for employees to complete the work
    • Employees
      • Employee Allocated Hours
      • Total Employee Allocated Hours will be less then Task Allocated Hours
      • Utilized Hours
      • Attendance Hours
      • Closing Date

To change budgeted hours new Budgeted Hours have to be entered by the Project Manager and approved as per the approval process. 

Projects can be internal or linked to clients.

Timesheet entry

Employees assigned to tasks will open Self Service →  My Timesheet menu item to

  • View list of tasks assigned for the week
  • Enter Hours worked on task
  • Tag Task with work punch
  • Dismiss recurring tasks for remaining period
  • Close task

Timesheets Submission

Self Service →  My Timesheets

  • Employees assigned to tasks get a My Timesheet link in their Self Service menu. 
  • New Timesheet is generated every week or month. 
  • Employees will enter hours against the task and date. 
  • Employee will mark task as closed when done. 
  • Tasks can be reopened by employee if not approved
  • Employee can do self rating of task.
  • After timesheet period is complete, employee will submit the timesheet for approval. 
  • Employees get dashboard notifications alerting them on pending timesheet submission.

Timesheet Approvals

Dashboard →  Timesheets Notifications

  • Managers get notification on pending timesheet approvals.
  • Managers can revert timesheet for any changes
  • Manger can rate the task

Integration with Leave & Attendance

  • Leave application of employees in tasks will include approval of Project Manager
  • In Timesheet Total Utilized Hours are matched against Attendance Hours and gap displayed

Integration with Performance Management

  • Self and Manager Tasks ratings can be consolidated and added to Performance form of employee as per review period


Timesheets →  Project Management

Create project, milestones, tasks

  • Use add to create new project.
  • Add milestones, tasks and employees under tasks.
  • To upload Milestones and tasks use Download Template, complete the excel sheet and use Upload Tasks.
  • Assign Project Manager from Project Manager grid.

Extending Budget hours

  • Open the Project and click on Add Extra Budget Hours, enter required hours and save. 
  • Approval Notifications will go as per the approval process.
  • Till Budget hours are fully approved, you will not be able to allocate additional hours to tasks.

Close Tasks, Milestones and Project

  • To close an employee task open the employee under task and make Closed checkbox on and save. 
  • To reopen saved tasks, make checkoff off and save.
  • Milestone is closed when all tasks are closed under the milestone. 
  • Project is closed when all milestones under the project are closed.

Archiving Projects

  • Milestones with all tasks closed and all timesheets approved can be marked as Archived. 
  • When all milestones are archived the project also gets Archived and is removed from default view in Project Management Page. 
  • Archived projects can be opened by using the search filter in the Project Management page.

Reports and Analytics

Reports ⇒ Timesheets

Report Description
Project Category Report Projects by Category
Project Progress Report Report of Budgeted vrs Allocated vrs Utilized Hours
Project Structure Report Detailed Report of all project data
Project Summary Report Summary of each Project with hours and completion status
Task Report Week Wise Weekly report of Employee Tasks
Employee Task Report Detailed report of Tasks assigned to employees with relevant filters
Employee Timesheet Report Employee Timesheets in Excel format
Employee Utilization Report Utilization hours vrs attendance hours with idle hours


Set up standard Task List along with Task Category in Settings →  Project

Setup Timesheet Grading using Edit Timesheet columns in Settings →  Project

HRMates support team will set up Timesheet Grading with logic as required from Settings →  Companies →  Extra Timesheet Column.

Logic Box

  • HRMates support team will set up the Approval process for Project and Budgeted Hours.
  • Leave Approval Policy to include approval from Project Manager


  • Permissions →  Project / Client Management
  • Permissions →  Project Manager


Project Management

Project Details

Milestone Details

Employee Task Detail

Employee Timesheet