Click on HRMates url provided to you and enter login email and password. Use forgot password link if you have forgotton your password.

Install Mobile App

Search HRMates on play store or app store and install the app. App will ask for registration requring 6 digit OTP. To generate otp login to HRMates and click on Self Service menu My OTP menu


To view or edit your profile go to Self Service menu My Profile menu


To view policies click on Policy Icon in header


  • To mark your attendance use biometric device or mobile as informed by HR.
  • To view your attendance in HRMates goto My Profile menu My Attendance menu
  • If you forgot to punch, you can apply for attendance regularization by clicking on  button in My Attendance page. Regularization will be applied to attendance after approval.
  • To apply for overtime click on button in My Attendance page


To view or apply leave go to Self Service menu My Leave menu and click on Apply Leave buttons. After leave is approved or rejected you will get a email notification.

Salary Master

To view salary master go to Self Service menu My Salary menu Salary Master tab


To view salary go to Self Service menu My Salary menu
To download salary slips or salary documents download from My Salary page


Go to Self Service menu My Evaluations menu

Working with Notification

Notification are generated for various approvals like leave approval.
Open Dashboard menu and click on notification boxes then open the notification and perform the action.

Create your calling card

Click on Self Service menu My Profile menu Business Cards button on top right corner

Public Profile link

Copy the link and share in your email signature or print QR Code on Business card using site like

If you want to customize your public profile, ask HR to customize your card using Workforce menu Administration menu Profile menu Public Profile Custom text


Click on vCard button to download QR Code (VCF 3 format) and share via email signature or contact card. The QR Code can be scanned and

Resignation Request

Go to Self Service menu My Employment menu → Resignation Request button
Complete the Resignation Request form and submit for approval

Getting Started for HR

More Help

Use menu item above to view help for various HRMates modules.

Calling Card